Look who has been talking about our Skype?

Skype themselves contacted Mrs Murphy this week to tell us just how amazing they thought our Skype was!  We are all very happy to think that our Skype call and our Random Acts of Kindness Project is now reaching out past our school walls, into the community and further afield. Thanks again to Peter and all that made our Skype possible!

How many other people do you think were touched or inspired by our Skype call?

What else can we share about our project to inspire more people?

16 thoughts on “Look who has been talking about our Skype?

  1. Hi guys
    I loved the skype from Afganastan.
    I couldn’t really understand Peters axient that much!!!
    I found out so much about the Army and the little place were there in, but it would be evan better to expiriant what its like there.
    Infact Peter explained it so well!!!
    that I could picture it in my head, and i still can right now.
    I wouldn’t like to be in the Army.
    what did you learn???
    from Charlotte

    • Hi

      What a lovely comment you did
      The BEST thing about the Skype is EVERYTHING

      What is you fave thing about the Skype?

      From Jessica

      I did this comment on my IPOD

  2. Hello there!
    And now you really are legends!
    Congratulations guys on getting fame and fortune, what with your recognition from Skype and your nomination for the Edublog Awards, you are flying high!
    I was delighted to see your class nominated for an award by 4KM & 4KJ, it is of course no more than you deserve! I am sure that you all recognise the hard work your teachers put in to keep your blog lively, up to date and interesting… give them an extra big thank you today! Keep up the good work. We’re proud to have you as blogging buddies in A Room with a View!
    Mrs Monaghan

  3. Hi everyone,

    I’m having a good time in
    New Zealand. I have also finally turned
    10! I see you guys have also put a new
    post up!!!! There are heaps of signs that just
    say “!” None of us have any idea what they mean!

    From the guy in New Zealand, Harry.

  4. Hi everyone!
    Just wondering what other tribes are putting in their boxes to send to Aghanastan?
    Peter said he needed a map to show the other soldiers where Point Lonsdale is on the map,
    so we can try to get one for them.
    I yhink its amazing how skype can call long people from long disteses.

    • Hi Jo

      I’m glade you said that because I live Josie’s blog we should go on it and comment on it but I can not

      Who did you vote for and why?

      From Jessica

      I did this comment on my IPOD

  5. Hello everyone! I am Marianne from Mrs Murphy’s Primary teaching class at Deakin. I am so impressed by this blog and this Skype project! Well done!

    • Hi Marianne
      im in Mrs Muphy class. My name is Leilani and have you ever got a skype
      call? And how old are you my class would really want to now
      bye Leilani

      • Hi Leilani,
        It’s so great to get your reply! I have had a little bit of a play with Skype with my mum but not much. I would like to learn more! I am turning 40 next month and having a big party! (I love parties.) Have a great day! Marianne

    • Hi Oscar, Lovely to hear from you! Mrs. Murphy is a great teacher – you are very lucky! I don’t teach at a school yet but I did visit Lara Lake last week to observe. I think your blog is amazing! Bye from Marianne

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