We have been gobsmacked by the amount of gifts we received for our BIG act of Kindness.

First of all there are lots of BIG hearts at Point Lonsdale Primary School.  People came with small parcels full of BIG surprises and BIG parcels full of small treats.  We have received everything from brand new puzzles to clothes for the children, to Vegemite and Milo for the soldiers, to colours and alphabet posters for the children.  We have BIG jumpers to keep them warm and things that will bring them BIG fun to make them smile.

We had a BIG job to seperate all the goods into piles for the Soldiers and those for the Children.  Here is a VERY small sampling of things that were donated…



Four Lucky students had a BIG job… they headed off to the IGA with Mrs A and bought some extra goods of non-perishable foods for the soldiers.  They enjoyed buying Noodles, Tim Tams, Lollies, Chewing Gum, but mostly they enjoyed spending money on such a great cause.  Their purchases will be added to the mix soon!

Here is also the letter that our students have drafted to send to the soldiers. (Thank you Geordie and Harriet for your fantastic writing!)

What do you think the children will like most?

Which food item do you think will make the soldiers happy?