Parcels nearly ready for Afghanistan!

We have been gobsmacked by the amount of gifts we received for our BIG act of Kindness.

First of all there are lots of BIG hearts at Point Lonsdale Primary School.  People came with small parcels full of BIG surprises and BIG parcels full of small treats.  We have received everything from brand new puzzles to clothes for the children, to Vegemite and Milo for the soldiers, to colours and alphabet posters for the children.  We have BIG jumpers to keep them warm and things that will bring them BIG fun to make them smile.

We had a BIG job to seperate all the goods into piles for the Soldiers and those for the Children.  Here is a VERY small sampling of things that were donated…



Four Lucky students had a BIG job… they headed off to the IGA with Mrs A and bought some extra goods of non-perishable foods for the soldiers.  They enjoyed buying Noodles, Tim Tams, Lollies, Chewing Gum, but mostly they enjoyed spending money on such a great cause.  Their purchases will be added to the mix soon!

Here is also the letter that our students have drafted to send to the soldiers. (Thank you Geordie and Harriet for your fantastic writing!)

What do you think the children will like most?

Which food item do you think will make the soldiers happy?

16 thoughts on “Parcels nearly ready for Afghanistan!

  1. OOOOMMMGGGG!!!! All those items. I would just love to have been able to see the faces on the soldiers and the children when they receive these boxes of kindness. How beautiful and so appropriate. It will make the soldiers that are away from they loved ones, especially over the Christmas period, feel a little more like home is with them.
    As for the children, well I can only I M A G I N E their reactions, they will be priceless.
    On behalf of my husband WO2 Peter Daniels, Jackson Benjamin and Angleica, T H A N K Y O U SO SO MUCH!!!
    Cathy Daniels

    • We think it is a great idea to. The smiles:) :) :):) :) ) :) :) on the kids faces would be great to see. Minnie and I hope that all of the kids and soldiers
      like what we are sending them.We are trying to send at lest 30 or more boxs to them.
      BYE BYE!!!! :) :) :) :):) :) :) “:) :P :D

    • hi cathy,
      i think it will be grate seeing all there faces when they open the boxs it’s grate that we are giving think it will be grate seeing all there faces when they open the boxs it’s grate that we are giveing them things. i feal so bad on what they have to live with.
      i wish we could give them thing all the time


  2. Hi everyone it’s Josie here,
    I can’t believe we’er almost readdy to send the parcils! It’s been through alot of develoment too! :D
    I love the idea, the kids and soldirs will love it even more, and trust me, I love it as much as my own idea, and I love my idea.
    I brought in heaps of soft toys.
    What did you bring?
    Oh, and great job on the edu blog awards. I have one on mine blog too! :)
    From your class mate,
    Josie. ;)

  3. Hi there Learning Legends
    I am really impressed by all the hard work and effort that has gone into your BIG act of kindness, well done to you all. You will be bringing a little bit of happiness and cheer to some children who really need it, as well as bringing a smile to the faces of your country’s soldiers. So now you have two things to be really proud about, because you have also made the Edublog Awards 2012 short list – well done! We are really happy to see your class up there on the list, you really deserve it.
    Do you get special rates for sending parcels to the forces? You do in the UK.
    Mrs Monaghan

  4. Congratulations to all you grade 3/4 students. I am very proud to know there are young people like you wanting to make the lives of other people better. I am a student teacher at Deakin University and Mrs Murphy has been coming into help us with our studies.(she is a fantastic teacher, but you already know that!!!)
    I think the soliders will like all the food like tim tams because they are missing home. What toys do you think the children will like the most?
    Keep up all your good work
    Kylie Munro

    • hi kylie munro,

      there is this thing that we started called random act of kindness. some people did a speech of the thing they wanted to do. i was one of them that did a speech. i was with mia and jo but there was another person called robbie who wanted to do this idea. and we got to do it because we are doing it now.

      i know mrs murphy is a really good teacher.

      from gabby

  5. Congratulations 3/4 Lonnie on the edublog nominations. Congratulations to Josie on her individual nomination as well. So proud to be part of Point Lonsdale Primary school.

  6. hi its just Leilani, grace and belle here. We just wanted to say that the project was a good idea and a nice thoughtful thing to do. Look at all those toys
    you’ve collected!!Good job.

    From Leilani ,Grace and Belle

  7. Dear cathy, you are a very nice person seeing on how much you are helping us out.
    i hope the kids and soldiers have a happy gleeming cheerful smile when they get the boxes in the post.
    from Anna and Max m :)

  8. hi its ash and Mia,
    i think thats a good idea we are delieted that we are raising toys and all the stuff for all of the soliders

    from Ashley and Mia

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