Edublogs Shortlist

VOTING has opened for the EDUBLOG awards.

Edublog Awards celebrate the educational values of all the online learning that is possible through social media such as blogging. We are very excited to get news that two Point Lonsdale Blogs have made it through to the shortlist for the Edublog Awards!

For our school to be successful everyone has an opportunity to vote!

* You may vote once per day

* You may vote from every device you have available (iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad)

* Voting is open up until the 9th of December!

* You may vote for yourself/class

Please support Pt Lonsdale Blogs and vote for:

BEST CLASS BLOG: THE 3/4 Learning Legends @ Lonnie 



Please take your time to explore the very worthy and exciting blogs that have been nominated in all categories.  While you are there you can cast votes for many other categories!

We were so pleased to see Mrs Morris from 4KM and 4KJ Blog have her Integrating Technology Teaching blog make it through.  Please cast your vote for her under…. BEST ED TECH BLOG

WhatEdSaid also made it through… BEST TEACHER BLOG

Room with a View also made it through for BEST USE OF VIDEO/AUDIO.

Mrs Yollis’ post on Mystery Skype has also made it through for MOST INFLUENTIAL POST.

We wish EVERYONE the best of luck!



7 thoughts on “Edublogs Shortlist

  1. Good luck guys, hope you win, I just voted for you!

    Mrs Murphy has been teaching us all about technology and creating blogs at University. I have really enjoyed looking at your blog :)


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