Josie Shines in Edublog Awards

Our first year of blogging in Grade 3/4 at Point Lonsdale Primary School has been very exciting!  But, today might be one of our most exciting events, the worldwide Edublog Awards were announced today! The top five in each category were recognised. Although, we didn’t get to watch the live ceremony, we did find out the results and were thrilled to see so many of our blogging friends being recognised.

As a class, we were honoured to be shortlisted out of the many nominations in the best class blog different categories.  We were also very excited to see our classmate, Josie from Meaow @ Josie’s Blog nominated for the Best Student Blog.

Best Student Blog

Out of an amazingly competitive shortlisted 55 blogs… JOSIE CAME RUNNER UP, in second place!!!!!!!!!!  Only been blogging for a few months, but it is wonderful to see her blogging talent and enthusiasm recognised on a worldwide platform.  What an achievement for this young blogger- very well deserved!

Best Class Blog

While we didn’t make the top five, we were extremely honoured to even be nominated and on a list with some of the most amazingly inspiring class blogs.  We were also delighted to see our blogging friends at 4KM and 4KJ come THIRD and Mrs Yollis’ class got FIRST place. Congrats to them!!!

Other Results from our blogging friends:

Mrs Morris from 4KM and 4KJ’s teacher blog came in 4th place Integrating Technology.

Mrs Yollis and her class came SECOND the Most Influential Blog Post category.

Ross Mannell, one of our favourite commenters, came THIRD in the Best Individual Tweeter category.


Thank you to Edublogs and all that nominated and voted for us.  We were all so honoured to be a part of the Edublog Awards this year and to help promote Educational Blogging.  It is also amazing to see all the enthusiasm for blogging from young and old and this Award ceremony has really brought that home! We look forward to another fun year of blogging ahead of us!


Congrats to all that were nominated and to all that continue to blog with or without nominations…. Keep Blogging!

To view all the results, visit here….






3 thoughts on “Josie Shines in Edublog Awards

  1. Congratulations Josie. It’s good to see someone young recognized for their efforts. Keep up the good work when you switch classes.

    Mrs. Murphy and Lonnie students,
    We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy your long vacation coming up. When you return will all of you be going to a new class or will some of you stay with Mrs. Murphy?
    What is everyone wanting for Christmas?
    We get out of school on Wednesday Dec. 19th and return right after New Years.
    We’d love to have snow but often don’t get it at Christmas time. We got a big one a few years ago when it snowed on Christmas day.
    It’s hard to believe that it is summer where are you and that you’ll be going to the beach.

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