Best thing about Grade 3/4 2012

TODAY IS OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  We are all very excited about the last day of term, but also excited about all the fantastic learning and amazing experiences we have had this year. Here is what we have to say…

Thank you to all our blogging friends we have made around the world and we can’t wait to catch up with you when we return to school at the end of January.  Have a Happy Christmas and brilliant New Year!

What has been the highlight of your year?

What has been the highlight of your blogging year?

4 thoughts on “Best thing about Grade 3/4 2012

  1. Hi Jaz here
    Just wanted to fill you in on what i have been doing on Saturday. we left the big4 after staying there for 2 days, Abbey and I had loads of fun there. Abbey had to leave very early because Abbey had to drive to NSW so when I got up in the morning abbey was gone then i went and played we left at 10:00 then we drove to Weribee and whatched my mum friends band their band is called Reiki Rock Band,
    Then we drove to Melbourne when we got to my Aunties House she was not home so we had to wait in the car for atleast 10 minutes then we found out she was at a massage Ha Ha!
    Now i am at my Aunties house
    Gotta Go Bye
    From Your old School mate Jaz :)

    • Dear Jaz,

      Thanks for staying in touch! Great to see yours and Abbey’s adventures have started! It will be very exciting for you both. Although we will miss you next year.

      Hope you have a Happy Christmas and keep posting so we know what you are up to.

      Mrs Murphy

  2. Hi I will Be sure to keep in touch
    I will miss P.L.P.S alot it was the first school I have ever cried when I was leaveing i have cried in the car in bed i have just about had a little sob everywhere i have been Ha Ha
    Gotta Go From Jaz

    • Hi Jaz,
      Great to see you still commenting on the blog and keeping in touch with us.I miss a lot, and so does everyone else.
      Don’t worrry if you cry. I know I defently would. How much schools have you been to and is this your favourite school you’ve been to?
      From your friend that’s missing you a lot,
      Josie. ;)

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