Australian History Project (gr 5/6)


The Grade 5/6’s have jumped straight into an integrated project about Australia.  The aim of this project is to collectively make an interactive timeline that we can share with our grade, the school, and the readers of our blog.

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As we step back in time and find out what Australia was like in the past, our research task has two components. The first is to create two slides to go on to our interactive timeline that we are going to create using a website called: Whenintime

We are going to create an image using either the computer or drawing to represent your event, as well as a slide as the visual slide that we will see on the timeline.  This slide will then have a drop down box which is where our research about our event/person will be collated .  We will also make a short 1 minute presentation that will accompany our slide on the timeline. This presentation may take any form, interview, radio broadcast, dramatization, role playing the person, a song, poem, Claymation, or Kahootz.

Please visit the Sites For Learning  tab at the top to access all the research sites we will use.

What would you like to find out about Australia? Where would you go to find that information?

6 thoughts on “Australian History Project (gr 5/6)

  1. Hi guys,
    that sounds cool.In class at the momnt we’re learning fractions already learned when i was at your school and meters and centermeters which once again i learned at your school.

  2. hi guys,
    i’d realy like to find out more about Ned Kelly. i’d find the information from all the books about him that i have but haven’t read.
    bye Nathaniel.

  3. Hi guys,
    Learning about Australia sounds like fun.
    How many facts did you learn? What was your favorite part?
    I love learning about Australia too.
    From Sienna – Roseville College

  4. Hi guys
    Its Jaz just wondering why your not posting on the blog
    and I would love to learn more about Caiptan Cook the guy who discovered Australia
    Bye :)

  5. dear grade 5/6,
    wow an australia project amazing, i hope you have fun and do a good job, because there are lots of people to learn about in Australian history.

  6. I love history and have lots of things I want to learn about!
    I am hooking in by the subject you are learning about and want to go onto to google right now and find out the answers to all the questions going on in my mind!
    Warm regards,

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